Solid Snake

Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter has been going on a tear through the Kickstarter space after losing out on the job most people around the world outside of Konami believe he should have. It goes without saying that any indie development squad would love to have his name recognition attached to its game, and that's just what Hinterland's first-person survival game called The Long Dark has landed.

The veteran voice actor will be joining the cast of the video game, and the best part about it is  the game already has the funding secured to be made, meaning David Hayter will finally be returning to his profession once again.

He had made plans to join Precursor Games' failed Kickstarter game Shadows of the Eternals, but naturally departed once that game went south. I'm quite certain Hayter's involvement was left a secret until after the game secured its money to keep another failed game off his resume. I wonder how many other secret celebrities have such deals.

The Long Dark approaches its last day on the Kickstarter road, and this is the first I have actually heard about it. It just goes to show what a talented and recognizable voice actor can bring to your franchise. Just like Keifer Sutherland, right Konami?