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Because the world’s tallest buildings are just not symbolic enough for Dubai to use when bragging about its wealth, video gamers in the UAE now have the option to play on solid gold PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones.

Italian jeweler Gatti has created versions of Sony and Microsoft’s console that will retail exclusively in the UAE Jumbo Electronics for 49,999 United Arab Emirates Dirham. How much is that in dollars, well, roughly $13,699… for a video game console… made of gold. Not just any gold, says Gatti:

“Crafted from 220 grams of 9kt yellow Gold. Handcrafted in pure gold (not gold plated), this luxury console is inspired by the iconic game, Tetris,”

Inspired by Tetris? Because a few gold plates are slapped together on the top, some of which don’t even have the required four tiles.

Gold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

I’d be impressed if it did have actual gold made to look like Tetris pieces, but comments like that show that this was obviously not designed by a gamer.

I’ve stood by and chuckled at the smartphone and mobile industry for making such overly opulent products like this, but it hits a little bit too close to home now that the practice is stomping on my turf. I’m so sorry for ever teasing you.