Mark Watson, aka SoldierKnowsBest on YouTube, is back for his eigth weekly news recap since joining

How could start off any recap of this week without talking about the iPad 2 announcement?  It just wouldn’t be possible.

Google announced this week that Google TV will be getting access to the Android Marketplace, something that people have been waiting for since the system was announced.

Speaking of the Android Marketplace, Google this week had to remove 21 applications from the store due to them containing malware.  Definitely a word of warning to those using the service.

Charlie Sheen got to a million followers on Twitter in just 24 hours after joining the service.  To quote Mr. Sheen, “winning!”

The Battlefield 3 gameplay footage that came out this week is just awesome, and well worth a look.

That’s it for this week.  Be sure to check back every Friday for another installment, and be sure to catch all of the previous videos from Mark “SoldierKnowsBest” Watson.