Mark Watson, aka SoldierKnowsBest on YouTube, is back for his tenth weekly news recap since joining

If you're still waiting to get an iPad 2, you're not alone.  Even the Apple online store has been slipping scheduled shipping dates back to more than a month, so it appears you're going to have to have a lot of patience if you're still planning on picking one of these up.

The Wi-Fi-only version of the Xoom has gotten a priceof $599 for a 32GB version, which is $200 less than the 3G version.  If you're not interested in the cellular aspects, you're getting a significantly better deal.

The HTC ThunderBolt is finally, and it looks to be a doozy of a phone if your looking for a super fast Android handset.

And finally, Batman Arkham City released a trailer this week, and it looks like it's going to be one heck of a sequel to Arkham Asylum.

That's it for this week.  Be sure to check back every Friday for another installment, and be sure to catch all of the previous videos from Mark "SoldierKnowsBest" Watson.