Although donations to Haiti via texting have already surged past $20 million, rescue efforts and redevelopment will certainly cost many times what’s already been raised.  Two a unique campaigns bring relief, several Mac, iPhone, and hardware developers are donating all of their proceeds on January 20th to a variety of charitable organizations lending a hand in Haiti.

Indie+Relief was created by Mac and iPhone developer Justin Williams of Second Gear with conjunction from web and iPhone developer Garrett Murray of pinch/zoom.  Together, the two have united over one hundred developers to join their cause, promising to donate proceeds on both the applications shown and others under the same developer’s list of software.  Some of the most notable developers taking part in the event are Cultured Code, Atebits, Iconfactory, Instapaper, and Flying Meat.  That means proceeds from applications like Tweetie, Things for both Mac and iPhone, Twitteriffic, Instapaper, Acorn and over one hundred more will all go to a good cause.


AppRelief was created by Joshua Hernandez, CEO of Metamoorephosis Games to bring together iPhone developers who want to help raise money for various relief efforts in much the same way.  While not limited to a single day, each developer of the 20+ applications will be donating a portion (100% in some cases) of their application proceeds over the course of several days.  There you’ll find applications like the humorous Balloon Boy by PocketWorx, Grunts by Freeverse, and Sniper Strike by Donoma Games.

If you haven’t already donated to the cause, now’s the time to pick up some great desktop and mobile applications for a good cause.  Check out Indie+Relief and AppRelief and be sure to let us know if you see a stand-out app that’s a must have!