SoftBank is standing by its $20 billion offer to acquire 70 percent of Sprint and believes that the bid is better than Dish Network's $25.5 billion offer. Speaking during a press conference recently, SoftBank president Masayoshi Son said Dish isn't as prepared to invest in Sprint and that the company's bid is incomplete.

"Our price offer is better than theirs," Son said, according to Reuters. "Our timing is one year quicker at least. Our leverage is much more healthy. [Dish's] financing is uncommitted. We are committed." He also said that there's no interest in working with Dish on a combined bid for Sprint.

Dish recently called on the FCC to pause its investigation into SoftBank's offer and Sprint recently said that it will hold its considerations while its board fully examine's the offer from Dish Network. The Department of Justice in January asked the FCC to defer its investigation into the SoftBank/Sprint deal although it's unclear what the motive for that request was. AT&T is worried, however, that the deal could give SoftBank too much control of U.S. wireless spectrum.