Blu-Ray Sales Percentages 2009Blu-Ray has been around for a number of years now, making very few advancements since its inception and ultimate domination over the HD DVD format. So why is it then that the price of a Blu-Ray movies is at time more than twice the price of a movie ticket?

I still get confused by how the film industry can justify such high prices for Blu-Ray, when there are clearly, cheaper and most accessible alternative. One of those alternative being downloadable HD content.

With the latest update to the Xbox dashboard, users are able to stream HD content seamlessly, and for little more than a Starbucks coffee. Apply that idea to Blu-Ray discs, and you’re looking at buying coffees for the entire office.

I think it’s about time manufacturers and the movie industry took a long, hard, look at their pricing models and stood firmly on one side of the line. If they don’t adapt to the changing market, they’ll see themselves swept away in the coming tide of advancements in technology.

Are you happy with paying over the odds for Blu-Ray, or would you like to see a change?