Great, just what I need, another Pokémon something-or-other to occupy the couch in my office. At least this one does a neat trick that will have friends and visitors unfamiliar with the lore of Pocket Monsters scratching their heads.

This Snorlax plush? Notice the eyes and the smile, Pokémon fans? That's right! It's actually Ditto. The deception. The horror. The lies.

Playing catch up, non-Pokémon fan?

Ditto's main move is Transform. That means it takes on the form of its opponent during a battle. That makes Ditto one of the more interesting of the original roster of Pokémon, and it makes him a fan-favourite troll. Is Ditto ever what he says he is? I don't know, and this may be the only Existential Crisis Type Pokémon on the ever-growing list.

Wonder what that's weak to…