Snoop Dogg

EA's NCAA Football series is no longer in production thanks to legal issues surrounding the licensing of unpaid college athletes' likenesses, and EA hasn't formally announced any kind of follow up (let's bring back College Football USA!), but fans of college ball are still playing the most recent iteration, NCAA Football 14. That list of fans includes rapper Snoop Dogg, who wants to see the series move forward, if even just a baby step.

Snoop took to Instagram this week with a screenshot of the game's current standings on the Xbox One backwards compatibility poll, adding that the game needs 10,000 votes.

We need. 10000 votes.

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The game's jumped up over 1,000 votes since his post, but those legal issues mentioned above could end up keeping the game out of the running. EA no longer owns the rights to use the NCAA name and may not have the ability to sign off on its addition to the list no matter how many signatures Snoop gathers.

The poll itself doesn't have much real pull. It gives Microsoft a rough idea of what games fans want to see, and could be used by publishers deciding what games to add, but voting your favorite Call of Duty up isn't going to guarantee its place in the library.

Backwards compatibility could end up being a great way to extend the lives of retired franchises like NCAA Football if there aren't legal issues in the way. We hope this and many, many other games make their way to the backwards compatibility list eventually, though just how fast that list grows remains to be seen.