"Honesty is the key to everything," or so they say, but something about this just doesn't feel right. SNK Playmore, the legendary Osaka developer behind classic franchises like Metal Slug and King of Fighters, has thrown in the towel and wants gamers to abandon their hobby so they can instead drop money into pachinko machines.

In fact, it's become its goal to convince them to do so since SNK already believes most 20-somethings in Japan are heading in that direction anyway. President Koichi Toyama explains further.

"Our mission as pachinko-slot makers is to make hall owners and pachinko-slot fans happy by delivering new challenges for them to enjoy."

I don't know if you've ever played pachinko, but I have. The "challenge" isn't so much in the game itself, but rather it is finding a purpose to the mind-numbing hobby.

"Currently, youths in their 20s are losing interest in the market, which has become a big issue, and has led us to believe that it is very important to develop machines that will appeal to this audience. Our company is a pachinko-slot maker, but we're also video game developers. We'd like to work hard to make video game fans into pachinko-slot fans."

Wow. People have been calling for Konami to come out and admit such intentions as well, but now that SNK has shown blunt honesty on the matter, I'm not wondering if I even want that. I just feel nothing but emptiness inside watching such an iconic developer pass on. Maybe I prefer clinging to the hope that Konami still has a soul inside of it.

Do you prefer SNK's blunt honesty or Konami's slow reveal?

It's worth pointing out that SNK Playmore was recently purchased by a Chinese corporation, and it intends to use its iconic gaming properties in a "Marvel formula" multimedia push. Good luck with that.