SNK Playmore is one of thsoe fabled Japanese developers that used to be amazing, but it now gets by simply on re-releasing its classic library. Oh, you know what games I mean: Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, the ones that constantly pop up in different iterations on every platform under the sun.

It's safe to say that it is sitting on a treasure trove of wonderful IP that is dying to be exploited for nostalgic purposes, and that's exactly what its new owner intends to do. SNK Playmore has been bought out by Chinese corporation Leyou Technology, and it retains the rights to all of those classic properties.

The company plans to turn these properties into multimedia extravaganza's using the "Marvel formula," and that's its exact wording. Anime, movies, toys, you name it. Maybe we'll even get games out of these classic gaming properties!

It would certainly be a shame if we didn't. SNK Playmore was once Capcom's rival located just a few blocks from one another in downtown Osaka. Maybe, just maybe, Leyou Technology will light a fire under its butt and get it back into making solid games.