The Nintendo Switch has officially released. The biggest game for the system? Obviously, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s at least one more great game out there in the weeds or a mediocre launch lineup, though, and that’s Snipperclips.

The $19.99 eShop title scooped up a launch trailer from Nintendo that does the gameplay some justice, so dig in below.

Blitz Mode and Party Mode look great

I’ve seen a lot of Snipperclips, but the gameplay has almost entirely consisted of the main two-player mode. The Blitz and Party modes, though, look really crazy. Especially in the trailer.

That bit where two teams go at it turning into buckets to fit water into outlines looked like exactly the sort of thing my friends and I would get flustered over.

Snipperclips is out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.