Hey, did you hear the news? Over the weekend, the pre-orders for the SNES Classic went live here in North America. For like 40 minutes at 12:00 a.m. ET, folks could hit Walmart and pre-order their consoles.

Those folks who were awake, at least. Those folks who were strapped into Twitter, Facebook or whatever other immediate news platform they use to get hot off the press stories. The rest of us?  We were left out in the cold. Cryin’, probably.

To be fair, Walmart did offer pre-orders for a solid chunk of time. 40 minutes is a blessing compared to some of the stints we saw for the NES Classic last year. That thing would go up for minutes or seconds before the page would lock up and users would be out of luck.

It’s likely that the reason the pre-orders stayed live for so long is due to Walmart’s timing for unleashing the hounds. Midnight? Come on, guys.

What we know so far about the SNES Classic is, as far as I stand, frustrating. We know that it releases on September 29, 2017. We also know that Nintendo only has plans to manufacture and sell it through the end of this year. That’s right, it’ll be made and sold for three months.

That bit there frustrates me so much that I don’t even think I can properly express it.

Maybe this is what I can say that will share my feelings here: I will get a Raspberry Pi and emulate if I can’t score one of these. Me. A guy who’s written on multiple occasions about how crappy piracy is in all of its forms.

If Nintendo won’t take the money from my hands for their product, then I’ll make my own.