Nintendo scalpers are back, once again, bringing the blood of thousands of gamers to a boil. This time, the clear target is the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, Nintendo’s latest emulation device that we assume you have a 14 percent chance of buying at MSRP.

Pre-orders opened immediately after the announcement through various online retailers in the U.K., and no sooner after selling out entirely throughout the country did it start popping up on eBay. The usually £79.99 price skyrocketed up to as much as £199.99 without shipping included.

Seriously, just punch my black eye, already. These listings are also breaking eBay’s pre-release policy, so hopefully the online marketplace will crack down with a firm hand.

Nintendo claims that it is making “significantly more” of the Super Nintendo Classic Editions than it is the NES Classic Edition last year. However, this is also the company that said the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t see shortages… and amiibos… and the NES Classic Edition itself. The company’s word when it comes to its products being available doesn’t hold that much water.

Easy solution! Nintendo claims in that same statement that “We are offering Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in special recognition of the fans who show tremendous interest our classic content.” If it is being created especially for these fans, how about letting them get the first crack at it through My Nintendo or something like that. After everyone who genuinely wants one pre-orders it directly through Nintendo, then retailers can throw them to the wilds.

Fans get the device they want without stress and hassle, scalpers miss out on the hardcore crowd, and everyone except them is happy.

Because, right now, we are pleasing the wrong people with this device, Nintendo.