Super Mario World box

Listen, if Nintendo doesn't actually release a Super Nintendo Classic Edition that's exactly like the NES Classic, they're crazy. Stupid crazy.

The NES Classic is a $60 sales wonder that managed to move 196,000 units in the U.S. alone in its first month at retail. If Nintendo makes a Super Nintendo Classic, it'll do well, too.

A trademark noticed by Go Nintendo suggests Nintendo is making the SNES Classic happen. This tweet shows a recent trademark made by Nintendo for the Super Famicom controller.

Nintendo. Do it. Makes the SNES Classic.

Think of the games! A Link to the PastSuper Mario WorldSuper Mario KartSuper Scope 6… wait a minute, no. Super Metroid. Ah, much better.

I just hope this thing features a longer controller cord and, you know, availability at retail. Yeah, being able to actually buy it would sure be nice.