Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 835 processor on Thursday, a new next-generation chip that follows in the footsteps of the current top-end Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821 processors. It was built using Samsung’s 10nm FinFET process technology.

“Using the new 10nm process node is expected to allow our premium tier Snapdragon 835 processor to deliver greater power efficiency and increase performance while also allowing us to add a number of new capabilities that can improve the user experience of tomorrow’s mobile devices,” Qualcomm Senior Vice President of Product Management Keith Kressin said. The increased power efficiency should help extend battery life even as devices are capable of doing more; that’s important, especially as it seems like lithium ion battery technology is lagging.

Snapdragon 835 smartphones due out next year

Qualcomm said the Snapdragon 835 processor offers a 40 percent decrease in power consumption while offering a 27 percent increase in performance over current generation processors. It’s no doubt bound for next year’s high-end flagship smartphones from top manufacturers, and indeed Qualcomm confirmed that production is underway with shipment expected in the first half of next year.

Hear that? That’s the sound of your brand new Snapdragon 821 processor becoming outdated.