Snapchat has confirmed that its new lens store, which allows users to buy quirky photo effects for $0.99 apiece, is being closed, less than two months after making its official debut. Lenses will still be available inside the app through other means, but you won't be able to buy them.

The lens store will close tomorrow, January 8, Snapchat says. The company plans to switch its focus to its ad business, which will include offering sponsored lenses instead. A selection of ten lenses will be made available for free every day, reports The Verge.

Lenses, which were first made available to purchase on November 16, 2015, allowed you to add all kinds of silly effects and stickers to your photos. Some changed the appearance of your eyes, added hats and spectacles, gave you crazy facial hair, and allowed you to vomit rainbows (virtually).

Snapchat offered each of these lenses for free every day, but if you wanted to keep using them, you could buy them for $0.99. The company claimed that it was selling tens of thousands of lenses per day, so it's somewhat bemusing that it is turning down that revenue now.

However, sponsored lenses will still be available, like the one offered by Fox to promote The Peanuts Movie — and one report claims Snapchat sells these for up to $750,000 per day.

Snapchat will also offer ten free lenses daily, and it should also be noted that if you've already purchased lenses in Snapchat, they are still yours to keep after the store closes down.