Snapchat - 4

Microsoft was able to score an official Instagram app for Windows 10 mobile earlier this year, and it looks like Snapchat could be next to jump on board. A recent post from a Spanish language Lumia Support Twitter account suggests the two companies are close to making a big announcement.

Responding to one customer request, the account dropped what could be a big hint. "We are already working with our friends at Snapchat to bring it as soon as possible," it said. However, a follow-up comment from the official Microsoft Support account declined to comment on any plans for a Snapchat app on Windows 10.

It's exciting stuff for any die-hard Windows fans still eager to try out Snapchat, but we're still not convinced. This isn't an official announcement from Microsoft or Snapchat so we wouldn't take it as fact just yet. Then again, it's possible whoever is running that Twitter account spilled some info accidentally so we wouldn't rule it out either.

Adding Snapchat support could help Microsoft hold on to its dwindling share of the mobile market and maybe even attract some new users, but even that probably won't be enough to really take on Android and iOS.