Snapchat took a massive gamble with Spectacles, the colorful shades that came with a built-in camera. Sadly, the masses never took to the glasses and Snapchat was stuck with warehouses full of unsold units and a $40 million loss. 

That’s water under the bridge now, as Snapchat is reportedly busy working a second and third generation of its glasses, reports Cheddar. The second generation version is a scaled back upgrade that adds minor improvements such as new colors and an improved camera.

The third generation is a more ambitious version of the glasses that come with an aluminum frame, redesign and dual camera layout that will “allow for 3D-like depth effects in videos.” Snapchat is also considering including GPS and a premium leather case and pricing the glass at $300, which would be a big jump over the standard $130 the original Spectacles sold for.

Snapchat has also had discussions with eyewear giants Luxottica and Warby Parker to possibly license out its camera technology.

As for when you can expect the new Spectacles, the timing is not looking good. The Snapchat hardware team has already missed multiple internal deadlines. Snapchat plans to release the second generation Spectacles sometime in the third quarter of 2018, but that may pushed back. Things look similarly unstable for the third generation version. A release date now seems likely in 2019, even though Snapchat originally sought to get them out in 2018.