Compared to services like Twitter and Instagram, finding people to follow on Snapchat is difficult. Unless you know someone’s username, good luck stumbling upon someone to follow; Snapchat does virtually nothing to encourage discovery, which is a shame because the service is becoming more and more popular by the day.

While the social network still doesn’t do much to foster discovery, it’s at least getting easier to add friends. In addition to adding someone with a QR code, the service has introduced a new feature that lets users create a unique URL that can be easily shared with friends. Just open up Snapchat, hop into the settings menu, and click “Add Friends.”

From there you’ll see a menu called “Share Username,” which you can then copy or send to people through SMS (or share via Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Clicking on the URL will open up Snapchat and prompt users to add that person.

For now, it doesn’t look like Snapchat is any closer to making its platform a place for discovery—that whole Discover section doesn’t count. But at least the service is making it much easier to add friends, something that up until now has been much more difficult than it should be.