Snapchat already offers content from some of the biggest media brands out there through its Discover feature. Now, the company could be hammering out a deal to bring live sports to the popular app too.

Digiday reports that Snapchat is in talks to add live sports to its offering in the very near future. The company is apparently meeting with Turner, which could give it the right to show crowd-sourced footage from the NCAA college basketball tournament. The deal could potentially be in place in time for the Final Four, before expanding to other college sports in the future.

Photos and videos from games will show up in Our Story posts, a popular collaborative feature that's been used to cover everything from recent snowstorms to CES 2015. The company will also find brands to sponsor each Story, and share that revenue with sports leagues and traditional broadcasters.

College sports are actually a pretty perfect fit for Snapchat. The app already has a huge presence with students, and typically runs Our Story posts for big campus sporting events without any sponsors. Now, it should be able to show the action at one of the biggest sporting events of the year while making an extra profit at the same time.