Do you love Snapchat Lenses so much that you’d actually pay for them? The social network, which introduced the feature back in September, is offering up a new Lens store that comes with, you guessed it, lenses you can buy. You have to really love Snapchat if you’re willing to hand over 99 cents for a lens you’ll only use once or twice.

Snapchat Lenses are absolutely unnecessary to the experience, but are designed to add some flair and humor to the experience. When the feature was introduced, Snapchat offered a handful of lenses that turned people into rainbow vomiting monsters, zombies and more. They’re fun gimmicks, but don’t really add anything meaningful—at least not like Snapchat’s most recent update, which allows users to fast-forward and rewind snaps.

The paid lenses will show up among the free ones—once you purchase one it’ll be yours to keep, which is about the only thing that doesn’t expire in the world of Snapchat. The social network said it’ll add 30 paid lenses each day, so you’ll have your pick of the lot if you feel like paying Snapchat money. Users in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Brazil and more can try the lenses out now, Snapchat said.

If you use Snapchat just to see what a lens looks like applied to your beautiful face, by all means. I’m still rather smitten with the service’s curated stories, and would love to see that feature given more attention. Speaking of which, Snapchat is also rolling out verified accounts under “official stories,” which means if you try and follow Justin Bieber, Snapchat will tell you if he’s a fake or not. We’re not verified just yet, but you can still follow us at buffalosnap.