Snapchat - 12

Snapchat's already outgrown its reputation as a tool for sending racy self-destructing photos, but a new lawsuit claims the app still isn't safe for younger users. One anonymous 14-year-old is suing the company after coming across some inappropriate content in the Discover section.

Discover exists within the main Snapchat app, offering up curated videos and articles from popular publishers right alongside posts from your friends. The company reportedly has direct input over what we see in Discover, though a spokesperson denied it in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "Our Discover partners have editorial independence," they said, "which is something that we support."

The accuser is calling out a Discover post from BuzzFeed that was published on July 1 showing popular Disney characters with "perverted" captions. However, the lawsuit also points to various headlines and images that might not be appropriate for a younger audience. Snapchat is officially available for ages 13 and up.

The lawsuit demands an option for parents to block adult content in the app, along with a warning when users are about to something inappropriate in Discover. It's also demanding a big payout based on the advertising revenue Snapchat makes through the feature. The claims could potentially cover around 150 million younger Snapchat users, though whether it makes any real progress remains to be seen.