Snapchat just got a whole lot better for iPhone X owners. No, the old style of the app hasn’t come back. Snap, however, did introduce exclusive content for Apple’s flagship.

When the iPhone X was announced last year, Apple took time to showcase how third-party apps could take advantage of its new technologies. Snapchat was among them. Craig Federighi, who leads iOS development, launched Snapchat on an iPhone X and revealed exclusive face filters. They’re a little more dynamic than traditional face filters because these ones can be wrapped around the user’s face based on the shaping.

Now the exclusive face filters started rolling out.

Snap is using what Apple provides. The iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system analyzes an individual’s face and tracks movement in real-time. For Snapchat, that means something like a wrestler mask can be applied on your face rather than over your face.

Other face filters joining the mix are a tiara and a bejeweled mask. No matter the face filter, it’ll be fitted specifically to the shape of your face. Just don’t expect the current selection to stick around forever. Snap often swaps the face filters on Snapchat to keep users interested in trying different things.