Despite a few recent setbacks Snapchat’s popularity continues to grow, but for anyone using Windows Phone there’s still no way to officially join in on the photo-sharing fun. It’s another classic example of Microsoft’s crippling app gap, which has hobbled the company from making much progress with its third-place mobile operating system. Now Microsoft is taking matters into its own hands with WindUp, a new Snapchat knockoff that’s just for Windows Phone.

The basic idea behind WindUp is the same as Snapchat. The app lets you send quick self-destructing photos and videos to your friends. The user interface also looks extremely similar, though Microsoft played up its flat and square-based “Metro” design to help distinguish itself a little bit.

Despite a few glaring similarities between the two apps, Microsoft also added some features to WindUp that could help set it apart. The new app lets you upload photos and videos already saved to your phone, and even includes an option for sending just audio. You’re also able to give each message a subject line, though it doesn’t look like Microsoft included Snapchat’s popular drawing feature that lets you doodle on top of photos before you send them off.

This may be the best option for any Windows Phone fans who want to try out the Snapchat experience for themselves. Of course, you’ll only be able to share photos and videos with other WindUp users, and we don’t see the app branching out to Android or iOS anytime soon. If anything, it seems more likely Snapchat may take the bait and finally bring its own service to Windows Phone in an attempt to squash Microsoft’s new app.