One of Snapchat‘s most popular features at the moment is face-swapping. For those that don’t use the app, it’s a special lens that switches the faces of two people standing next to each other, usually with comical results. Now the company is making it possible to face-swap even if you’re by yourself.

The update, which hit Snapchat’s iOS app on Friday, lets you switch your own face with any faces stored in your camera roll. Google Play is still showing an older version of the app, but it should get the same update pretty soon.

To try the new feature, open Snapchat and switch to the front-facing camera. Then, press down on your face to launch the lens menu and swipe to the last option on the list. The app will automatically scan through your smartphone and offer a list of images to try. In my own tests, that included screenshots of celebrities, an emoji and even a few selfies, the feature worked really well. I had a few funny results, too.

The update also ditches Snapchat’s attempt to monetize replays. Moving forward if someone sends you a Snap you can replay it one extra time for free. After that it’s gone.