Snapchat’s ‘Best Friends’ feature is no longer a thing. Instead, the ephemeral social networking service has gone to an even more complicated system based on emoji—and, no, it’s not a joke. So rather than having a list of best buds, your contacts will now have emoji next to them—six in total—with each representing their own scenario.

Say there’s a heart next to one of your friends. That means you’re each other’s best friend. And the smirking emoji? “You’re their best friend but they’re not yours…” That’s some shady stuff right there. This new system, so far as I can tell, is meant to foster more communication with friends, and show who is important to you on Snapchat. (I like that sly jab Snapchat took at Beyonce and Kim K.)

In addition, Snapchat will also encourage users to Snap users they haven’t communicated with in a while, with a new “Needs Love” section just under recents. Again, fostering more communication among users, and thus keeping people more engaged with Snapchat throughout the week.

Finally, there’s also a new low-light camera feature designed to make Snapping in places like bars a little easier. Snapchat has never been all that great in low-light situations, so this is definitely welcome news. The update should be available for both iOS and Android right now.

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