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Snapchat "Discover" has been rumored for a while now, but the mobile news service could get an official launch before the end of the month. Digiday reports that the new feature is finally ready for primetime after Snapchat secured deals with news giants like ESPN, CNN and Vice. The company also reportedly assembled an in-house team of writers, video-makers and artists.

Discover will offer a mix of video and text, along with content from both media partners and Snapchat's own team. Most videos will be a few minutes long, which could feel like an eternity compared to the app's current 10 second maximum. So if Snapchat can convince people to tune in for more than a minute at a time its new feature could succeed.

The company reportedly plans to make money off the new service with pre-roll ads, priced as high as 30 cents per view. Media companies publishing videos and text through Discover will reportedly receive 50 percent of that revenue, with the other half going to Snapchat.

Based on the latest news, we're still not sold on Snapchat Discover. The company's recent efforts to monetize itself with ads felt out of place, and longer news reports may have the same effect. Then again, it might not be too long before we're all checking in on Snapchat every morning for a quick news recap.