You need a Halloween costume, and the clock is ticking. The next two weekends are going to be full of Halloween parties. Don’t be that person who has to cancel because you can’t think of anything to wear. Just get Snap’s dancing hot dog costume.

Snap is known for Snapchat and the Spectacles. Now, though, the company is dipping further into the fashion business. The popular dancing hot dog on Snapchat has been turned into a costume. It comes with two pieces and is “made of 100% beef, but never starts it.” Snap also says the costume is a “fresh new flavor,” which no one can deny. If you walk into a Halloween party (or any other type of party) with the dancing hot dog costume on, you’re bound to get plenty of looks.

Here’s the full description from Snap:

“Have fun, impress your friends, and achieve your wildest dreams (probably) with the Dancing Hot Dog costume! Perfect for any dance floor, from flattened cardboard to picnic tables. As the world’s first augmented reality superstar, you can now dress up as everyone’s favorite all-beef b-boy and have a dance battle with the best of them.”

That couldn’t have been written any better, honestly. Reviews are already coming in, and one person revealed they wear the dancing hot dog costume to church every Sunday. Another said they wear it alone in their room and start dancing because it relieves them of “real world problems.” Who knew one costume could be humorous and therapeutic? This will surely help Snap’s struggling stock price.

Snap’s dancing hot dog debuted on Snapchat a few months ago. Users can place it anywhere and the energized headphone-wearing hot dog will dance away. Because of its randomness, the dancing hot dog quickly gained popularity across social media. People started sharing clips of the dancing hot dog appearing everywhere in their daily lives. So maybe Snap’s efforts in augmented reality have been just a bit successful even amid a stagnant user base.

Amazon is the only place you’ll find the dancing hot dog costume, and it’s priced at $79 with free two-day shipping for Prime members. Snap labels the best fit being on people below 6’4.

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