Shortly after introducing Lenses, Snapchat on Wednesday added even more video features called Speed Modifiers, which allow users to fast-forward, rewind and slow down video. This will give users more creative control over the end result, and continue to push Snapchat's boundaries in fun new directions. Either that or make the service much more annoying.

The new video features are pretty straightforward, and their impact on the platform will be determined by how they're utilized. It might be fun to see your put being goofy in slow motion, for example, while fast forwarding someone eating a huge meal might be entertaining and also horrifying. You're only limited to your imagination.

The new features indicate a kind of shift in Snapchat's approach to video. The service has slowly ditched its reputation as a sexting platform, and is now seen as something for creatives and a platform for people to reach large audiences. Now you'll (in theory) see many more creative videos filling your feed as people learn how to use the new Speed Modifiers.

If you've had enough of barfing rainbows and zombie faces, Snapchat's update actually make the service more useful. The update, which also includes 3D Touch support for iOS, is out for iOS and Android now.