Snap has today launched its Spectacles in Europe. Just like in the United States, the firm’s selling them through its Minion-like Snapbot vending machines, one of which is already dispensing the frames at the London Eye for £129.99 ($167), though customers also have the option to purchase them online.

Typically, Snap moves its Snapbots to a new location after around a day, so it’s safe to assume that the one at the London Eye won’t be there for too much longer. To see where it’s headed next, you’ll need to keep an eye (no pun intended) on the company’s social media accounts.

Snap plans to place its Snapbots in more countries

Of course, London won’t be the only European city where you’ll be able to pick up a pair of Spectacles in person. According to Wired, Snap also plans to place its painfully slow, bright yellow Snapbots in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Venice in the not-too-distant future.