The "technique" you see in the clip above shows off the exact reason why I stopped playing Mario Kart DS online with random opponents. Snaking is an exploit that players use in order to gain an advantage by constantly boosting in kart races. Essentially, users enter power slides in long straightaways in order to enjoy the fruits of the speed boosts they provide.

The problem? Entering a power slide in a straight section of track should do nothing but slow you down, not speed you up. This exploit was present in Mario Kart DS, but Nintendo managed to nix it in Mario Kart Wii (the best feature in the game, as far as I'm concerned). Well, guess what, it's back.

Also returning are the people that claim this exploit is a part of the game and shouldn't be seen as a cheat. That concept drives me bonkers. Taking advantage of a lapse in game design is not, as far as I'm concerned, a good, sporting way to play a game online. Mario Kart fans should enjoy the games because they force players to effectively use weapons, learn the tracks and know their racers; snaking takes one look at learned strategy and slaps it in the face.

You know what this means? I already know what I'm going to use as a topic for this week's Weekly Gaming Poll. If you think glitching and exploiting aren't forms of cheating, you'll have your chance to vote and sound off when that post goes up later tonight.

For now, let's keep the talk on Mario Kart 7 and the return of snaking.

Mario Kart 7 launches for the Nintendo 3DS in the States this Sunday. It, along with Super Mario 3D Land, are Nintendo's banner titles for the holiday season. Will you be landing this classic kart experience on or near day one?

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