Snakebird has been slithering back and forth one box at a time while trying to eat fruit on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms ever since May of 2015. In that time, it’s become a bit of a niche hit in the puzzle genre, and it’s garnered exceptional praise for being a challenging and addictive game.

Now, Snakebird has made the jump to mobile. It’s a free download for both the iOS and Android platforms, but that only offers up a few of the initial levels. If you want to buy the entire game, that currently checks in just below $5. Developer Noumenon has been quiet regarding the release and this thing’s longterm price. On the PC, it sells for $6.99, so this could be an introductory sale.

If you have the time and the scratch, give Snakebird a shot. It’s as tough and addictive as everyone says.