Yosemite SMS Continuity

Apple pulled SMS Continuity from a Yosemite beta build back in September, but if you thought it was gone for good, have no fear. The new feature is reinstated in the new GM build that was rolled out to registered developers on Tuesday ahead of this fall's public release.

SMS Continuity gives those who use iOS devices the ability to send and receive traditional text messages on their Mac. This has been one of the benefits of using iMessage since its inception, of course, but if you were texting a friend on Android or another third-party platform, it wasn't available.

That all changes with Yosemite.

When SMS Continuity was removed from a beta seed in September, some feared that Apple had run into issues with it, and that it may not be ready in time for Yosemite's public launch. But now that it has returned in the new GM build, it would seem there's nothing to worry about. There is one caveat, however.

Cult of Mac reports that SMS Continuity only works alongside the new iOS 8.1 beta, so you'll need to be running that as well as the Yosemite GM if you want to try it out early. If you already have these installed, you can activate the feature on your iPhone by toggling "Text Message Forwarding" inside the Messages section of the Settings app.

Apple still hasn't given us a specific release date for Yosemite yet, but the company is still promising availability later this fall. Presumably, iOS 8.1 will be made available to the public around the same time.