Windows Phone challengeThe “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge is living on. Originally set to end on March 29, Microsoft announced the contest will extend until Thursday, April 5, though with a few tweaks. The contest’s “upped stakes” will offer the first 100 people who get “smoked” by a Windows Phone to receive a free device running Microsoft’s OS. After that, the next 500 people will be offered a $25 gift card should they lose, and they won’t be asked to exchange their handset in return, either. The six challenge scenarios remain unchanged, however:

  1. Pocket-to-Picture Post
  2. Real-Time Information
  3. Stay in Touch with the People You Care About Most
  4. Update Your Status Across Multiple Social Networks
  5. Get Directions to a Local Restaurant
  6. Pick What’s for Dinner

While the contest has seen its fair share of controversy — such as designing tests to help Windows Phone win — Microsoft seems pretty confident its OS can stand toe-to-toe with most the biggest names out there. We’re certainly huge fans of the OS, and can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store down the road.

Have you participated in the challenge?

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