The creator of Smash Bros., Mashiro Sakurai, speaks up about lots of stuff in the gaming world. This time, he’s on reviews.

Here’s what Sakurai had to say on the subject, as translated by SourceGaming.

There are a lot of game reviews out there, but when I’m looking at games to play, I won’t avoid a game based on somebody’s review. The reason is because it’s difficult to communicate the good points unique to a certain game using a number or somebody’s impressions. Reviews are particular to the experiences and thoughts of each individual, which they can express as they like. I’m mostly OK with general overviews. But when you judge a game using ratings and numbers, I think you often lose sight of what makes that game special.

Especially with user reviews, the writer bought that game because they wanted to play that game. When somebody writes a review, they take the time to do so because they have something they want to say. Sometimes reviewers list out all the things they didn’t like, take an overly critical tone, and reduce their score by an unnecessary amount.

I largely agree with what he’s saying

First off, user reviews. I know that there are plenty of consumers out there who genuinely go out of their way to review every product they have, eat, see, smell, whatever. Most user reviews simply pop on to be either overwhelmingly negative or positive. Rarely is someone sort of “meh” on a product so they take time to review it.

For ratings and numbers? I get where he’s coming from here. I get much more from game reviews in either the words or the footage than the final score. That score often seems arbitrary to me, so I’m sort of with Sakurai here.

What do you think about reviews?