smartthings echo

Amazon and Samsung are teaming up to make the smart home system of your dreams. Moving forward it looks like you'll be able to sync your Amazon Echo with Samsung's SmartThings system to manage all your connected gadgets via voice controls.

A blog post announcing the news popped up this week on the SmartThings website. It's since been deleted, but a cache of the announcement is still floating around. Titled, "Alexa, Turn On My SmartThings," it seems to confirm the news without revealing any more details.

Hopefully this story will get an official announcement soon. Once it does you should be able to sync up your Echo with anything connected to a SmartThings Hub. From there you'll be able to control an entire house or office full of connected gadgets with just your voice.

We've reached out to SmartThings for more information on this new partnership with Amazon, and we'll update this post if we learn anything else.