ebay Mobile

It’s no wonder stores like Best Buy are struggling. A new report from Nielsen found that 47 percent of all smartphone owners in the United States using shopping applications such as eBay Mobile, Amazon Mobile and Groupon during June. That’s not a small figure, either — in fact, that represents 45 million smartphone owners who accessed shopping applications an average of 17 times during the month.

Nielsen didn’t say whether not those customers used the applications to make purchases, however. It’s very possible that consumers entered a Best Buy or a Radio Shack and then checked Amazon Mobile or eBay in an effort to see if there were better deals online. It’s also likely that the large number of times smartphone users accessed those applications is because of daily deals (Groupon, Shopkick) or because they were watching an auction on eBay.

The research firm said that eBay Mobile was the most accessed application with a unique audience of 13,161,000 users. It was followed by Amazon Mobile with an audience of 12,122,000, Groupon (11,942,00) Shopkick (6,481,000) and LivingSocial (4,349,000). Consumers spent the most time on Shopkick, which clocked in an average time spent of 3 hours 19 minutes and 11 seconds. Wow.

“Retailers are finding that consumers are willing to use smartphone apps to enhance their shopping experience, and this data shows usage of shopping apps is growing,” Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Insights at Nielsen said.

[via Nielsen]