In the market for a new smartphone?

No clue what to buy?

Confused by the features?

You'll be happy to know we've just updated our Smartphone Buyer's Guide again with all of the latest handsets in the United States.  Put an end to your confusion and make the right choice for your needs!

Holiday shopping can be tough enough, but having to wade through the countless phones to find one that's right for you can be an arduous task. Hopefully this video will make that choice a bit easier.  In this video, Jon Rettinger breaks down his top 3 smartphones on each of the major US carriers.

For a full rundown of available phones, see our full guide here:

Droid X:
Droid Pro:
Samsung Fascinate:

iPhone 4:
Samsung Focus:
Samsung Captivate:

Evo 4G:
Epic 4G:

Samsung Vibrant:

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