Samsung announced some TV-related goodies at IFA last week, including an on-demand 3D channel and an interesting-sounding update to their existing remote control app for Android devices. The update, which SlashGear reports will be available within the next month or so, will allow owners of Galaxy series Android phones/tablets to stream video from their Smart TV sets to their Galaxy devices via Wi-Fi. Galaxy Tab owners will get first crack at the app via Samsung’s app store, and it will also ship on the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 tablets soon after.

The current software turns an Android-powered Galaxy gadget into a touchscreen remote control. But the new version will up the ante significantly, creating a combination Slingbox-style setup and handheld preview tablet, if you will. Using Samsung’s DLNA-esque “AllShare” system, D7000 and D8000 Smart TVs will encode video streams and transmit them wirelessly to the new version of the app, which now features a “Watch TV” button. A user may then flip through channels and inputs on their Galaxy handheld without affecting what’s being shown on the big screen. So the app can be used to preview other channels, or allow one person to watch a program on, say, a Galaxy Tab while other people view a totally different show on the main TV.

D-Series Samsung TVs aren’t cheap, but if you already own (or plan to purchase) a Galaxy Tab, you’ll basically wind up with two screens for the price of one. Granted, one of the screens will be about four times larger than the other, but hey, who said bigger always really is better?

Check out a video demo of the new system over on SlashGear.