Smart-For-US-4If the idea of a jacked-up fuel-guzzling GMC is not your cup of tea, Mercedes-owned brand Smart may have the ideal pickup truck for you. And this is literally a pickup that you’ll be able to pick up. The makers of the wildly popular Smart car are attempting to widen the roster with the “For-US,” (yes, that’s the silly model name) denoting the vehicle’s destination for the U.S. market.

The two-door For-US pickup will run via a plug-in electric motor that’s powered by a 17.7kW/h lithium ion battery, cranking out 74HP and 96 lb-ft torque. The battery also pumps juice into the three-foot long electrically-powered cargo tray which will accommodate two Smart ebikes. Regenerative braking power will be used to recharge the battery in addition to the plug-in outlet. At just under 12 feet in length, the For-US is almost three feet longer than the original Smart fortwo vehicle.

Although the For-US will be shown in January at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, it’s still a concept and there’s no official word on production. Rumors also point to a Smart fourfour hatchback model designed in conjunction with French auto maker Renault.

Does the thought of a Smart pickup excite you? I think with a few performance modifications, this thing would be one badass offroad machine.

[Via: Sydney Morning Herald]
[Images Via: Autoblog]