Google introduced Smart Reply more than two years ago, but it’s still not available on many apps. It first debuted on Inbox and Allo before heading to Gmail. Now the feature will be widening its support after landing on Android Messages in the coming weeks and months. There’s just one catch to start. If you want access to Smart Reply on Android Messages immediately, you’ll need to belong Google’s wireless service.

The feature, for a limited time, is exclusive to Android Messages users on Project Fi.

Smart Reply allows machine learning to handle responses. Rather than typing out something in words or emoji, Google’s technology analyzes what someone said to you before recommending three replies you may want to use. Just choose one, hit the send button, and you’ve responded without thinking too much.

Over time, Smart Reply gets a better understanding for the way a user types. So the recommendations become tailored for you and not all users together. And there’s some belief that the feature will be added to Gboard later this year.

Additional availability for Smart Reply on Android Messages will come; however, Google hasn’t given a specific timeframe as to when users belonging to other carriers should gain access.