Small Radios Big Televisions promises a few unique things. This PlayStation 4 and PC game is about exploring digital locales. Getting to those places will require the discovery of cassettes. The more you find, the further out you’ll go.

Developer Owen Deery took to the PlayStation Blog to announced the game’s release date. Small Radios Big Televisions will launch on November 8, 2016.

Small Radios Big Televisions is about getting lost while at ease.

This bizarre game has a unique, challenging hook. Deery offers that he “wanted to create a place you could get lost in, a game that puts you at ease instead of on edge…”

How is that even possible? I’m not sure. The game’s world and soundtrack should do a lot to facilitate that goal, though. Deery also included a free sample from the title’s original soundtrack. You can dig into that here.

We reached out and asked if virtual reality is in the cards for this game. It’s not currently planned.