Sling TV

Sling TV now boasts more than 250,000 subscribers according to a new report published Friday. That puts the streaming TV service’s revenue at roughly $5 million per month, assuming most people opt for the cheapest $20/month option. The news was first published by Recode, which cites comments made by unnamed Sling TV execs.

Sling launched back in February after Dish announced the service at CES 2015 a month earlier, and the service quickly hit 100,000 customers in its first month on the market. Clearly the company is still making progress, though it’s still lagging far behind the competition. Netflix boasts 41 million paying customers, while Hulu Plus recently hit 9 million subscribers.

Of course, Sling TV is still pretty new to the scene, and it has plenty of room to grow. Then again, the service’s high starting price compared to Netflix and Hulu Plus, may be a turnoff for some. Beyond its $20 starting price, the company offers extra channels grouped into $5/month bundles with options focused on sports, Hollywood, kid-friendly content and more. You can even get HBO for $15 a month.

Dish may also face some tough competition from Apple once the company finally launches its own rumored TV streaming service. Cupertino is expected to offer something pretty similar to Sling TV skinny bundle of channels, though it may not actually arrive as soon as we hoped.

For now, Sling TV is still likely the best option for anyone who wants to cut the cable cord without losing out on live television.