In a recent interview with Pocket-Lint, LG developer Dr. Henry Noh confirmed that the company is working on a new thinner version of the Optimus 3D.

"These days, all the phones look the same. They have a huge screen – 4.3-inches is normal these days – and next year they're moving even larger. And they have a fixed number of touch buttons. They're the same thickness. They have the same camera. And even the same OS. It's so boring."

In the interview Noh mentioned wanting to slim down the 3D, which currently is .47" thick. "Eventually, we want to make it so that having the 3D won't necessarily mean that it's going to be thicker." A thinner version of the handset may be available as soon as 2012.

3D is something that has really just started to pick up, with the release of several handsets this year, including the baragin-basement LG Thrill which is selling for under $100.

Is thickness something you consider when purchasing a phone? Would you not purchase a 3D handset just because it was slightly thicker than its 2D counterparts?

[via Pocket-Lint]