Sleeping Dogs Definite Edition is launching on the next-gen consoles next week, bringing its brand of open-world Hong Kong action to the modern video game scene.

Although it might not have the sales figures nor the marketing campaign to back it up, Square Enix’s action game will forever be compared to Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs thanks to the similarities between their names and approach to the open-city sandbox genre. Now that both are available on all the same consoles, which will emerge as the “top dog?”

See what I did there?

This new version sports 1080p graphics at 30fps and includes all of the game’s DLC packs that have been released to date, including “Nightmare in North Point,” “Year of the Snake,” and “Dragon Master.” Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will be released on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next Tuesday, Oct. 14.

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