Slack, the popular workplace messaging service that's growing by leaps and bounds, shared some slightly disconcerting news on Friday afternoon. The company suffered a pretty serious hack earlier this year and is implementing new security features to prevent it from happening again.

Slack said someone gained unauthorized access to its servers for a four-day period in February, and the account has since been blocked. Slack adds that no financial or payment data was touched, though the investigation is ongoing. The company also says the hackers were unable to decrypt any passwords.

As a result of the breach, Slack set out to overhaul its security entirely with the help of some outside experts. The company says it's uncovered suspicious activity on a small number of accounts and that those people are being contacted privately. It's also rolling out two new features: two factor authentication and a built-in kill switch.

The first simply means anyone on Slack can add an extra layer of security. Two-factor authentication is a common feature by now, and we're surprised it wasn't already available. Meanwhile, the Kill Switch will give managers the ability to reset an entire team's passwords and sign everyone off automatically as a last resort.

All this added security sounds great, and as far as we can tell the hack didn't actually put any valuable information at risk. If Slack flagged your individual account you'll be hearing from the company directly, but you might want to change your password and enable two-factor authentication just to be on the safe side.