With both the PlayStation 4 Pro and Skyrim Special Edition out in the wild, gamers are able to play Skyrim on a console in 4K for the first time ever. Should they?

I’m not so sure.

Digital Foundry did their typically stellar performance analysis work, which you’ll find in the video above. They compared the PS4 Pro, PS4 and PC versions of the Skyrim Remaster. PC won hands down, of course. What about the PS4 Pro?

Well, cranking the game up to 4K doesn’t really translate to a PC quality gaming experience. While you get better textures and details, the resolution and detail come at a sacrifice.

Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 Pro stutters in 4K

As Digital Foundry notes, Sony has an edict in place for PS4 Pro versions of games. That is, they need to perform in line with or better than their PS4 counterparts. Now, one could argue that achieving 4K on PS4 Pro is better than the PS4. However, that 4K resolution reach means a dip in frame rate.

As Digital Foundry indicates, both PS4 and PS4 Pro routinely run at 30fps when in basic environments and scenes. When the action ramps up or the environment complicates? The PS4 Pro version of the game actually dips in frame rate.

Playing Skyrim in 4K on your PS4 Pro will have you experience frame rates below 30fps. Digital Foundry says that the stutter is “noticeable.”

Finally, you can run the Skyrim Special Edition on your PS4 Pro at 1080p. That results in a sharper and crisper image when compared to the PS4 at the same resolution. You still see the stutters, though, because the game is internally rendered at 4K and then downsampled to 1080p.

Pretty complicated, right? You get a slightly lesser Skyrim experience on the PS4 Pro in terms of frame rate. However, you get finer details and a higher resolution. How does that trade-off sound to you?