The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has seen some impressive modding over the years, but none have made me giggle like a baby as this one has.

In a mod dubbed “The Really Useful Dragon Mod,” creator Trainwiz and friends has replaced all of the game’s dragons with characters from the children’s television show, Thomas the Tank Engine. The above video shows off the game’s intro with the mod installed.

Warning! Be sure not to have any spicy liquids in your mouth before watching, especially around the 2 minute mark,  so as not to sizzle your sinus cavity or destroy your computer screen.

Spells have also been replaced by “more appropriate versions of said spells,” but the creator did not emphasize what this means, stating “You’ll see what I mean.”

Suddenly, I am not regretting the decision to switch to PC gaming from here on out. It I can play things like this, then I am ready to see the light! Just as long as I can take my Wii U and 3DS along with me.