I’m always looking for a reason to fire up my old copy of Skyrim and go adventuring with my dragon friends. There isn’t a better example of a video game in recent memory that gives you such seemingly endless content than Bethesda’s mega-hit, and that’s just when we consider the originally included content alone.

Toss in mods, and you’ll be able to play this game until the day you part this Earth, especially if all of the mods are this big. Holds: The City Overhaul weighs in at an impressive 4GB, and it took developer Galandil nearly three years to complete. He claims that it was created to fix what he sees are the weaknesses in Bethesda’s designs compared to the older games, adding new areas and expanding on older major cities.

Falkreath, Winterhold, and Dawnstar have been rebuilt from scratch with their own unique designs. The mod also adds a bundle of new settlements like Amber Guard and Black Moor. Most of these new settlements have been placed far out of the way and hidden from view to not ruin the expansive wilderness theme of the game. The aim of all of this is to create a more memorable and diverse experience, making the cities actually feel like cities hopefully without ruining the natural and realistic design of the vanilla game.

This is not a botanical garden mod, nor is it a beautification mod. Holds aims to stay as lore-friendly as possible and at the same time expand on the backgrounds and stories for its locations.

Galandil recommends starting a new character to avoid bugs, but when experiencing a new world, you would think a fresh pair of eyes should be the way to do that anyway. Download it now through NexusMods and reinstall that old Skyrim file from your Steam library today.